Renewing Ger Toshav Update

Dear Friends,

Finally, after years of thought and preparation, I am both happy and humbled to say that the first unit of this work is now complete enough to offer it.

From the preface:
The frequency of marriages between Jews and non-Jews has become a major challenge to those who take responsibility for thinking about the essentials of Jewish life and the core of what it means to be Jewish. Until recently, this conversation has oscillated between two options: either the non-Jewish spouse chooses to become a Jew (technically this is an intermarriage) or s/he doesn’t (a mixed marriage). When the choice is made to become a Jew, the discussion again oscillates between two options: either the transition must include a commitment to practice the mitzvot by the standards of the officiating rabbi (strict) or the transition can be completed with a commitment to accepting the principle of “the yoke of the mitzvot,” which takes into account a recognition of the minimum levels of observance that most of the Jewish partners practice (conversion “light”).

What follows, then, begins with the concerns raised by our Rebbe about our own practices in Jewish Renewal surrounding conversion to Judaism. Next, we take the responsa of three rabbis as representative samples of the two approaches to choosing Judaism when there are only two options, namely whether acceptance of the mitzvot is in the particular or the general. We then review the category of ger toshav as expressed in the Talmud and the Rambam and conclude the first unit of this work with a discussion of a renewed use of the category of ger toshav for our time.

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