ALEPH Canada: Alliance for Jewish Renewal in Canada

Aleph Canada is an organization of those who are dedicated to reclaiming the Jewish people’s sacred purpose of partnership with the Divine in the inseparable tasks of healing the world (tikkun olam*) and healing our hearts (tikkun halev**).


Our Mission


Aleph Canada is dedicated to reclaiming the Jewish people’s spiritual purpose of partnership with the sacred in the inseparable tasks of healing the world (tikkun olam) and healing our hearts (tikkun halev). As such, ALEPH Canada catalyses, supports, and strengthens the movement for the practical and spiritual renewal of Judaism in Canada. ALEPH Canada nurtures and connects communities, creates new liturgy and educational resources, and works for social and environmental justice.

ALEPH Canada is Jewish Renewal's umbrella organization in Canada, with members and congregations from Newfoundland and Labrador to British Columbia, and is proud to be part of a global Renewal community with members and congregations in the U.S., Europe, Latin America and Israel.

*Tikkun Olam/ Healing the World: 

Jewish Renewal helps to heal the world through education and by promoting justice, freedom, responsibility, and caring for all life including the earth that sustains all life.

**Tikkun Ha-Lev/ Healing Our Hearts: Jewish Renewal seeks to bring creativity, relevance, joy, and an all-embracing awareness to spiritual practice, as a path to healing our hearts and finding balance and wholeness.


The only way to get it together, is together.
— Reb Zalman

What We've Achieved

Miriam Fisher Scholarship


Social justice projects

  • Sacred Foods (resources for communities, congregations and individuals; a project originally conceived by ALEPH)

Reb Daniel Siegel's projects

  • Integral Halachah Institute (IHI), founded by Rabbi Daniel Siegel. The IHI is a vehicle for engaging with our communities in the sacred work of seriously wrestling with the questions that arise for us about our spiritual practices, ethical standards, and the routine challenges of trying to live our faith.
  • Dayanim Program responds to requests related to halakhic issues or questions
  •  Teachings of Reb Zalman ztz”l: includes cataloguing, summarizing, digitizing, and transcribing hundreds of taped lectures from over the years (with seminary students)
  • Kol Koreh, digital version: prayerbook series for Shabbat, Weekday, High Holidays – updating, adding commentaries and more sound files
  • Shiva prayerbook, including new liturgy and leader’s guide
  • Ger Toshav book
  • Conversion Guide
  • Rabbi’s Manual
    Please note that many of  various items mentioned above are available for purchase online in the ALEPH Canada ReSources Catalogue.

We also:

  • Liaise with ALEPH and other Renewal communities, congregations and clergy around the world
  • Provide consultations to communities in the areas of congregational development, mediation
  • Offer courses to groups and individuals on Jewish topics and concerns (on demand)
  • Respond to requests and make referrals (for example, we connect individuals in Canada who are looking for Jewish community).