Reb Daniel

Rabbi Daniel Siegel has been a consultant to many organizations and communities over the past 20 years. His chief focus has been to help synagogues and rabbis in times of personal and institutional transition. Rabbi Siegel trained and received a certificate in Conflict Resolution from the Justice Institute of British Columbia and initiated a Mediation Centre at Dartmouth College. He has served several communities in this capacity over the past years including the Gloucester Renewal Community, Or Shalom, and the Dartmouth Hillel community.

Rabbi Siegel has assisted congregations with:

  • the search for a new rabbi
  • resolving conflict within the synagogue
  • resolving conflicts between rabbi and synagogue
  • long and short term vision processes
  • helping a community identify its purpose
  • supporting individual rabbis
  • creating a siddur for the community

Current Teaching

    •  Course in the Halachic Process, Integral Halachah, and how to write a rabbinic responsum (for senior rabbinical students)

  • Advanced study in Talmud and halachah (for those who have semicha, love to study Talmud and/or are thinking of an advanced semicha as dayan)
  • Study of the Netivot Shalom
  • Tutorials and Chevruta Learning by request


Rabbi Siegel rarely travels due to a combination of age, family commitments, and concern for his carbon footprint.

He is available for both small and larger groups in real time through video conferencing software and occasional visits in person. 


Upcoming Online courses: to be announced

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