Just added to the ALEPH Canada ReSources Catalogue in time for Chanukah!

The S'fat Emet on Parashat Miketz/Chanukah. Posted by Rabbi Daniel Siegel, who writes, "There is much in this series of teachings I love: that darkness is limited, that trust in God, in the cosmos, in the love we all feel, is a true necessity and relying on the generosity of others to further our own careers is misplaced. Best to stay true to what one believes and be willing to accept the consequences.

"Given the way the sefer is put together, it is special because Miketz is the sidrah for the Shabbat of Hanukkah 70% of the time. So what we get are 19 teachings over thirty three years, all given on Shabbat Hanukkah, Parashat Miketz, and based on the same unit of B'reishit Rabbah. We get to follow his thinking from year to year as he is drawn to the same theme over and over again. He's thinking something through, something that engages him again and again throughout his life. What was troubling him? What was it that drew him to talk about light and dark and the power of evil so much? Note that the verse which begins the midrash is from Job, as are at least two other citations. What does that tell us?"

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