High Holidays Resources Available In Our ReSources Catalogue

In time for the High Holidays: some of the titles available from the ALEPH Canada Resources Catalogue at https://www.alephcanada.ca/catalogue/ :

1. Machzor Kol Koreh v1.3: New upgrade including many changes and improvements. Embedded sound files of nusach and niggun. Expanded p'sukey d'zimra section, more meditations prior to Ne'ilah, full Yom Kippur Torah reading, minchah Torah reading and interpretive haftarah for Yom Kippur, havdalah, Kos Miriam. Machzor Kol Koreh is a subscription service, so all future editions are included in the initial price.

2. Harley Rothstein's *Nusach and Niggun for RH and YK*: A gentle and melodic approach accessible to you whether you are an emerging or experienced ba'al tefillah.