Triennial Cycle of Haftarot Completed

Dear Friends,

Over three years ago, I shared a table containing a triennial cycle of haftarot to accompany the triennial cycle of Torah readings most of us use. I was concerned, for those of us who have a haftarah as part of our services, that we were reading prophetic sections on an annual cycle, which seemed to elevate these portions of Nach to a higher level than that of the Torah itself. Further, haftarot now shared a connection to the Torah portion only once every three years. Lastly, I also thought that if haftarot were shorter, then more of us might be inclined to include them, even if only occasionally.

Several of you let me know that it would be much easier to add a haftarah if the haftarot themselves were easier to access. I’m happy to say that I’ve now completed a file which contains all the proposed haftarot in full.

The current format is Hebrew first and English below. I’ve taken the English directly from the JPS translation which I purchased online. The Hebrew comes from Davka’s Judaic Classics deluxe. And, since I used these online sources, I’ve made the book available for free with the option to make donations to support the work of the Integral Halachah Institute.

The only change I made to the JPS translation is to substitute Yhvh for LORD. More than that would have delayed this offering for much too long.

You can find this triennial cycle of haftarot in the ReSources Catalogue elsewhere on this website.

I hope that this effort will encourage both the reading of the Torah and these haftarot. Please, as always, feel free to share this with others you think may be interested. I would also particularly enjoy an exchange of comments and questions on this website.

Triennial Cycle of Haftarot Book